Playing Cat Capers

This player has chosen Forrest, the sneaky cat!

This player has chosen Forrest, the sneaky cat!

The object of Cat Capers is to score the most points, by winning as many challenges for activity cards as possible.

Each player plays as one of the cats. The interior of the screens tells the cat’s story.  The screen’s purpose is to hide the player’s choices from the other players. Each player also receives the corresponding paw placement tracker, four cat paw tokens, and player aid card.


Three players want to be an internet celebrity, worth four points, but it looks like Forrest will win it because she has two paws there.

Cat Capers is played in six rounds. At the beginning of each round, activity cards are revealed at each house and players decide where to allocate their paws. The cards are worth between two to four points. They also have a colour and symbol relating to their theme and when that colour and symbol match a particular cat, the card is worth one additional point if that cat wins it. Player’s choices will also be guided by the cat cards they hold, as these are also colour-coded and have to be played during challenges for activity cards of the same colour.

When everyone has made their decisions, the screens are moved aside and the paws move onto the board to show which cats are contending for each of the activity cards.  Players can use cat cards to resolve challenges for contested activity cards. Some cards add paws; others remove a rival’s or have other effects. At the end, each card gets awarded to the player with most paws remaining on the card.


Cassandra and Herbert enjoy a game of Cat Capers at TableTop Day 2016 at Auckland’s King of Cards

Please watch the how to play video for more details.